Why we should never put down our “ice buckets” or “Sharing is Caring”

Certainly the media peak of the #IceBucketChallenge videos for http://www.alsa.org has been achieved by the great and classy Patrick Stewart. The iconic actor said it all without saying a word in his trending video, offering his own financial contribution to this worthy cause.

His simple act defines what the power of celebrity can do — but it also made me think about what this power means to the rest of us.

Earlier today, I met the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge set by my close friend, the great John Moroney. His partner Daniel Pilcher and I took to the beaches of Santa Monica to prove what friends can do to be part of a worthy cause. Given that California is enduring the worst water crisis in its golden history, we opted to preserve this precious resource and head straight into the chiily waters of the Pacific Ocean. Metaphoric and conscientious acts of community support go long way, no? But as we walked around the Santa Monica beach area, I began to think. I really do hope folks never put away their “ice buckets.” A lot of people need help, from ALS to Alzheimer’s to AIDS to Cancer and beyond.

It is great to see celebrities use thier public face for good. But they shouldn’t be the only reason why any of us raise a call to arms. If you feel the need to be part of a movement, don’t let this one moment in time serve your conscience. Sharing truly is caring.

Going to http://www.alsa.org is a great start. Now, get informed about this and other causes. Continue this spirit of community, please. That’s the bigger gift and reward.


#icebucketchallenge #strikeoutALS

(Video shot by D. Pilcher at Santa Monica Beach.)


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