This is NOT an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video — #shakeitoff


I had this all worked out to be a complete video message, but too many takes spoiled the soup. (TelePrompTer anyone?) So here’s what I wanted to say before throwing in the towel and getting to the good part:

Hi there, it’s the MediaJor. And no, this not another ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video. However, I do want to commend those who have contributed to this very worthy cause. It’s been inspiring to witness, so much so, it inspired me to create a challenge of my own.

And here’s why:

For too long now, we have had to witness our own worst behaviors in the media, not just abroad, but here at home, too. I think it is time we take a step back from the negative and focus on something positive.

We get a lot of mixed messages these days. While some people out there have no regard for life, the rest of us spend way too much time telling other people what we think of them and in not so nice terms.

We know haters are going to hate. And thanks to Taylor Swift’s new track, “Shake It Off,” I think we should follow suit and, well, just shake all this hate off already.

So, here’s a new challenge for all of you to contemplate. Tell the world what you want to shake off. The idea being, if we can feel better about ourselves, maybe we can feel better about each other and maybe all the bad can turn into something good.

As for what I will shake off? How about:

I’m too old to be relevant.

That I’m too fat.

Too bald.

Too ordinary.

Too Gay.

Too Mexican.

Too American.

Too poor.

Too independent.

Too bold.

Too scared.

Too anything that isn’t part of the mainstream or trending at this very moment.

Here comes the challenge part. Just show yourself shaking it off to Taylor’s tune. Trust me. You will FEEL a whole lot better.  I mean, check out MY shake!

Now it’s your turn. Do it! And show the world why you’re shaking for good! Post on YouTube and the other social networking sites using #shakeitoff

Just dance…and thank you Taylor Swift for giving us a new reason to move!

#shakeitoff #stayhere #lifeisart #lifelesson #taylorswift #1989

Wednesday, August 20. Posted from Wayne Avenue Manor.

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