“Porque en un mundo que va a la velocidad del rayo
aguanto el vuelo más si me agarro de tu mano
acompáñame hasta donde pueda llegar…”

              Letra de “Este mundo va,” Miguel Bose

 It’s dawn in Madrid and I am l closing out this second week in Spain. It is a decidedly calmer visit to the capital than the decadent chaos experienced last weekend at Orgullo 2014. Same hotel, different frame of mind. Where there was lust and sophisticated boom boom, there is now introspection and a peaceful heart. The quiet before the storm that is the Gran Via is actually quite soothing right now. I can’t help but think of the above-quoted song by Miguel Bose, one of his best tracks from the 1990s.

Este mundo va, or “the world moves” es la frase clave de este blog. A bolt of bittersweet from home has punctured the bubble of that is My Salamancan Summer. That isn’t a complaint, rather, a needed reminder of balance. Earlier in the week, I was greeted by an early morning Email from Nashville from The Herndons, proudly announcing the birth of their second son over the July 4th weekend. Later in the week, as I entered the city limits of Madrid, technology delivered to me proof of the second half of our mortal journey. A friend lost his beautiful wife, a true partner, to cancer.

It is fitting that this week in literature class has been dedicated to the genre of magical realism. Even though the universe has offered more realism than magic, this lesson on the inevitability of life and death resonates with surprising intensity. I feel a massive wave of respect for it now. Our world does move at the velocity of the ray of light. And wherever we go, perhaps we do weather the journey better when someone takes us by the hand.

The pre-Spain me would have felt that ache of solitude of being a single man right now, focusing only on the “Why am I still alone?” of it all. But I am not that person at the moment. In writing to both families, the blank screens required for both notes swallowed up my sentiments, turning them small and trite. Now I want to honor these moments in some fashion to retain the essence of what they – and these major chapters in their lives – mean to me.

The sincere emotion I wanted to express to them just didn’t seem to be enough. I was moved by both instances, wishing I could offer something more than a typed missive of sentiment. I hope they all know I carry them in my heart right now. The promise of a new life brings much needed joy and lightness to our complex and uncertain world. It will forever parallel the lives that depart our realm. Those left behind will carry the legacy of the joys and nurturing light that personify what it is to love someone so much, we are changed forever.

Este mundo va…To be continued.

Saturday, July 12 @ the Hotel Indigo in Madrid, Spain

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